Store Design
FUZION by definition is the merging of conflicting principles. Large store development programs involve multiple cross-functional business units, and a network of external suppliers, collaborating toward a singular goal. We partner with strong brands to merge ideas, solve problems, and deliver timely and accurate store designs to ensure our clients brand standards, customer experience expectations, and store development targets are met. FUZION Store Design specializes in prototype development and management, providing customized tools and guidelines that help our clients, and their network of suppliers, design smarter, track and manage assets more easily, and produce consistent deliverables across multiple suppliers and store channels.
The FUZION design team has extensive experience in new concept development and environment design, as well as focused fixture design for OEM integration and/or new retail displays to augment an existing design concept. The FUZION scope of services include environment design and rendering, site investigation, site adaptation, design development, and construction documentation.